Indian Coal Introduction Valuable and Platinum Resource Coal is a valuable and plentiful natural global resource
Not only does coal provide electricity,
it is also an essential fuel for steel.
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Lignite Introduction Low Cost ,Reliable & ABundant Lignite-generated electricity low-cost, reliable
Lignite is used in an environmentally-responsible manner by power plants.
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Imported Coal Introduction Quality Standard of Coal We import coal from outside india also
like Indonesian Coal and South African Coal
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Pet Coke & Coke           Introduction Petroleum coke or carbonaceous solid coke Pet Coke is coke that is relatively pure carbon and can be sold for use as fuel Read more
Shubham Minchem Pvt. Ltd

The history of Baheti coal group is an interesting saga of the transformation of a small venture to a Gigantic Business Group. It all began from Ratangargh Dist. Neemuch (M.P.) from where the founders of the group belong. Subsequently, destiny brought them to Indore and Ratlam(M.P.) which soon became their show-ground.
Here, Mr. Rameshwar lal Baheti along with his brothers Mr. Ratan lal Baheti commenced Rameshwar lal Baheti Coal Co. and Ratlam Coal Deepot , in 1962 firm are involved in the Coal Merchants and commission agent of Coal & coke.
His son’s diversified into Coal, Coke & Lignite business to launch a corporate company with the name SHUBHAM MINCHEM PVT. LIMITED under the management of Ashok kumar Baheti and his brother Kedarmal Baheti,Satyanarayan Baheti and Om Prakash Baheti.